Why Meditate? – A Scientific & Practical Approach

Much has been said about meditation in just about every type of media. It seems unanimous that some form of meditation is not only good, but essential, for getting the best out of us. Many of us can be thought of as transcending into meditative states, for short bursts of time, without being aware it. Yet, the fact remains, most of us are not practicing meditation regularly. People generally believe it is too hard for them. Why so?

It is well known that if our subconscious really wants something, we eventually allow it to happen for us no matter how much our conscious may reason against it. At times it may seem to happen with a heavy cost, in one form or another, when viewed under socially acceptable norms. Therefore, if one is not succeeding at meditation, one has not understood or internalized the ‘Why?’ for meditation. It just isn’t good enough to be told that meditation is good for you and an essential step towards self realization or God. One needs to understand and accept at least a few tangible benefits of meditation in everyday use.

First of all one needs to entertain the idea of Universal Energy (UE). The UE is for real. There is no doubt about it. You will experience it too. Until then, just believe me for now, or,  simply entertain the possibility that it may be so. The greatest common denominator of everything in our universe is UE. Each and everything is reducible to it, and is it in one form or another. Let us postulate that there cannot be anything that is not a superset of UE.

This is why it is fairly easy to get an agreement on UE, which is omnipresent, omnipotent, infinite, dynamic and all encompassing.  Spiritualists also believe that UE is fully conscious in its ability to take any form or shape, communicate at highest possible speed, and cause desired actions everywhere in the universe.  Within this paradigm a live human body can also be looked upon as a functioning bundle of UE surrounded by a continuum of UE in multiple dynamic forms such as Kinetic Energy, Gravitational Energy, Electrical Energy, Chemical Energy, Nuclear Energy and more, beyond what scientists have been able to validate thus far.

Another name for UE could be the God or an ultimate Super set of Consciousness that is permeating all of us as well as everything else. Our self certified religious leaders may have hard time in believing so, within their limited domains for religious practices. Since the UE is so powerful it has all answers and abilities of manifest whatever a human may think, provided other relevant ensembles of UE are not strongly thinking in an adverse direction. From this it follows that one should be able to get all what one wants, eventually? However, if you have not had such an experience as yet, don’t worry, you are in a large company of successful mortals.

There are two basic reasons for not being able to realize our wishes. One is Clarity and the other is our Conscious Mind. Most of us seldom know exactly what they want at a given moment, thanks to the power of excessive reasoning by our conscious mind. It is common to see people spending their life time in eliminating what they don’t want and justifying their position to others. Have you noticed that the babies always get what they want, and they don’t have a developed conscious mind.

The bundle of UE within a new born is in an intimate resonance with the almighty UE, empowering babies to manifest desired actions unimpeded by the power of conscious reasoning. Gradually they learn from their family and their society about the ‘right’s and wrong’s’, and, in general, how to conform to their surrounds of intelligence. By the time we are grown up, we have a programmed conscious mind so much so its most powerful instruction becomes ‘How to be Right?’, rather than get us what we want out of life. Our conscious mind also starts acting as filter to keep out information that is inconsistent with our beliefs, which has a tendency of limiting our resonance with UE.

It is literally a ‘no brainer’ to accept that it is important to establish possible harmony with UE, to flow with it, and to resonate with it, for self realization, as well as getting everything that we want out of life. This is only possible if we get our conscious mind out of the way, regularly, at least once or twice every day. And, the easiest way for long term benefits, is Meditation that should be practiced at the same time every morning and before retiring for night for best results.

Regular meditation can restore natural resonance between our subconscious mind and UE, culminating into much desired ‘yoga’ for access to universal yogic powers to guide the conscious mind towards beneficial decisions. Note that even if you think you cannot concentrate enough, just the 10-15 minute sincere ritual meditation, every morning and evening for 30 days, facing the direction into the sun would bring marvelous results. I recommend doing a 5 minute deep breathing Anulom-Viloma Pranayam before each meditation session. Regularity, without questioning your success, without break for 30 days, is the key. If you break even once, just begin the 30 day trial all over again and, before you know it, you would become an experienced meditator with practical everyday life changing benefits.


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