Supercharge Your Worship or Religious Practices

Spend only as little time in religious rituals as is necessary for empowering yourself to

function in life as your idol would.  ….Rohit Chauhan

Reality of every religion goes much beyond its rituals. Worship or Puja are the mechanics of religious ritual that are often confused as the religions themselves. Without an actionable internal understanding of spirituality in religion, all rituals have a potential of becoming booby traps, also known as Maya. The spirituality needs to be experienced and appreciated at individual levels, before religious rituals can be expected to produce beneficial results. Since spirituality must be experienced individually for seeking an all out synergy, all religions must be personalized before their practice in large organized groups.

Vedarshi Dr. Fatah Singh, a highly distinguished Vedic scholar of the 20th century, has said that the purpose of a religion is to promote unity among all mankind. This is a non-trivial undertaking, because the human is inherently divided between his inner self and his external self. Every religious practice that does not begin with first uniting a human with his inner self is not likely to bring long lasting results, pointing the need for personalization of religion.

For personalization of religion every human needs to be conscious of his or her life’s purpose in relationship to God. I believe everyone takes birth with a subconscious understanding of one’s life purpose, which gradually gets obscured during the process of growing up in society that claims to know for sure what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Humans can never delegate their responsibility to obtain benefits that come with personalization of religion for them, individually. No priest or a pseudo-guru can take birth, die, eat, or experience anything personal for a client at any price. Yes, a extremely few real guru’s can show the way. When responsibly educated, a priest can help in teaching the spiritual basis of rituals before showing (not doing for others) their clients how to perform those rituals. A tall challenge before humanity is how put the genie of the so called religious leaders (priests or pundits) in the bottle full of spiritual elixir.

Regarding the organized religions, my thesis is that they are doing a good job limited to  providing a partial safety net for survival. For excellence in life more is needed, directed to personalization of religion, which begins with spiritual awareness seeking clarity about the purpose of one’s life. Fundamental modifications in various religious practices are needed to assist people in fulfilling their physical or spiritual needs.

For a wholesome personal development spirituality must be encouraged from the very beginning when it is natural for everyone. Without spiritual awareness, personalization of the religion is not possible. When left to later in life, as is generally the case, it becomes more and more difficult to relearn.


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