Success Mindset

What is the difference between Successful or Not So?

I thought you would like the following that I just received from Dr. Len Schwartz:

“I’ve noticed an invisible divide between those that are creating success10247296_849089598437673_4971946875028207971_n
and those that aren’t.

It’s not because some people have some opportunities and
others don’t…

It’s not because some were born smart and others weren’t…

It isn’t because some had wealthy families and others didn’t…

This divide can be summed up in one way…

The people that CHOOSE to be successful
are willing to consistently take action and do whatever it takes
to get there.

This includes:
Leaving their comfort zone and trying new, better, smarter ways of getting their desired results.

Ignoring their fears (as best they can) to take those leaps into unchartered territory.

Admitting that they need help – and then looking for the best mentor they can find to help them get there.

Realizing that they cannot do it all themselves.

Knowing exactly what they want and being very decisive.

Investing in themselves and their business in order to get to the next level of success.”

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