How Well Do You Know ‘Impossible’?

How Well Do You Know ‘Impossible’?

‘Impossible’ is perhaps the single most important word that determines success or failure of people everyday. About eighty years ago, in his book entitled ‘Think & Grow Rich’, Napoleon Hill, the legendary success coach for the Riches has identified this word as one of the serious weaknesses among average people.

Have you noticed that an average person knows more about what is not possible than what is possible? He or she knows why something wouldn’t work and is willing to work hard to prove why it wouldn’t? This attribute is seen to be a fairly common source of argument between two spouses, where one is a possibility thinker and the other is just the opposite, perhaps due to real or imagined feelings of insecurity.

Is it natural to think first about why something may not work? A ‘reasonable’ grownup would say ‘yes’, with an argument that it is important to preempt all negatives upfront to be able steer easily to success. Having worked in large corporation or democratic governments, typically this kind of thinking results into paralysis in decision making process. Someone has correctly said that if all objections are to be overcome nothing would ever get done.

I have been fortunate to have observed a number of people (myself included) of all ages during their growth as well as stagnation phase. Children are excellent teachers in this respect. As an example, the word ‘impossible’ has remained absent in the vocabulary of my twin grandson’s, all along so far when they have crossed 15 years of age. Among the first words they spoke, I remember having heard ‘I can do it’ more often, and never ever I heard from them that they cannot. The results are obvious. They are straight A students, while excelling as athletes as well. I think such confident children are a direct result of their initial upbringing in a good ‘possibility thinking’ environment and supervised exposures to challenges even before they could talk.

Merriam Webster online english dictionary defines ‘impossible’ as “incapable of being solved or accomplished”. Of course, a good question that an average person wouldn’t ask is, how do we know for sure? This points to another important weakness of an average person, that they have not learnt how to think outside the subconscious box of their own experiences, impressions, and never questioned beliefs. If anyone wants to be rich, it is required to have mindset of the riches.

What is the mindset of the riches and how to develop that is an interesting and highly rewarding question. Among other things, it will be discussed thoroughly in the ‘Think & Grow Rich’ group forum. You may join this group free of charge.

For now, for those who seriously want leap to the next level of success, my recommendation is to start thinking in terms ‘Impossible’ is ‘I (A)M Possible. Best wishes.

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