How Is The Genius Within You?

Do you believe that everyone has a genius within them? I do and I have experienced it from time to time, depending upon my connection with the other than conscious self. 

Regular meditation is an excellent way to keep your genius working for you and others. It allows access to your immensely powerful subconscious mind, and also of those who would so allow. There is just one problem. With exception of a very few people, the earthly beings do not feed their spiritual selves as regularly as they feed their physical self. To make it worse, humans have a tendency to weaken their access to subconscious via thought pollution, excessive or unhealthy eating and abuse of consciousness impeding substances. Limiting beliefs, such as ‘it is all about money’ and ‘you live only once’, also contribute to self-defeating experiences.

In order to expand and strengthen the availability of my genius, I just participated in a two day workshop called Genius Code. It was a highly enjoyable experience, at times tightly coupling me to universal super-consciousness. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Paul Scheely, founder of the Learning Strategies Corporation of Minneapolis, MN, USA. Paul is a personal friend and a highly respected expert in transformational psychology, with grounding in the Himalayan tradition of meditation and decades of extensive research into diversified spiritual as well as scientific disciplines. Paul is a synergistic repository of knowledge from both the East and the West, with extra-ordinary communication skills.

Going into the workshop my expectation was mostly to validate what I already knew and benefit from synergies with like-minded participants from all over the world; US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, Australia, Nigeria, and Brazil. However, I had an open mind for receiving even more, and I did. I become aware of a few simple techniques to bypass the conscious brain gatekeepers, for accessing my subconscious as well as the super-conscious at will. This sounds big. Frankly, it has the potential of becoming even bigger and bigger than what it sounds, with regular practice.

The workshop exercises resulted into several benefits for everyone. I felt participants coming from a position of certainty, more and more, towards dealing with issues and accelerated learning. There is a widespread apprehension that those who intensely delve into spiritual dimensions become relatively unsuitable for worldly affairs. To the contrary, the Genius Code workshop was a good forum to validate that with an awareness of our spiritual extensions we are able to function more effectively in the world. This is because the Genius Code approach is designed to utilize the Whole Mind; the conscious, the subconscious, the left brain, and the right brain.

I am so pleased with my experience that I am planning on sharing some of the genius awakening techniques in a full day event at Jaipur, India in July 2014, in a decent air conditioned facility. It is simply not possible to transfer this experience via words. To encourage also those who feel financially challenged, my intention is to keep the fees very low, possibly only around $20.

Of course, to crack open the personal “genius Code” with help of effortless paraliminals listening, for best results, everyone should go for the real thing at


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