God and Purpose of Religion

“Purpose of religion is to nurture unity and promote synergy in diversity.” …Rohit Chauhan

This is an attempt in a direction to wipe out religious conflicts and encourage self confidence. If the original intents of religions could have their way, there would be peace and harmony all over world. Of course, this has not happened even after thousands of years in spite of an overwhelming majority of practitioners of various religious rituals. History has seen most wars stemming from the seats of major religions. The Middle East and west Asia have continued to be in turmoil throughout history. Is this the fault of religions? I think not.

The basic cause of religion based communal conflicts is inherent in a blind following of religious rituals, without concern for the intent backing those rituals. Religious masses have become more process driven, without understanding the intent behind religious processes. People seem to believe that their devotional practices are sufficient to please the far away almighty who will then bestow desired results upon devotees; if not in this life, then in a subsequent life. This kind of faith is commendable, though, at best, it can be only a first step that keeps them connected. We need to learn and communicate how to direct our faith in the way the almighty god truly functions.

How God Helps?:

It is said that God helps those who help themselves and others. Here is a story to clarify the point. There was a priest who regularly worshiped in a temple, not too far away from ocean. He had been doing so, rain and sunshine, summer and winter, every single day, for over half a century. One day something totally unheard off happened. Out of nowhere, a tsunami swept in from the ocean, with heavy rains, gusty winds, and fast rising tides. The priest knew that he was in deep trouble, though he maintained his unwavering faith in God as it should be.

As the flood level grew, he kept climbing up the stairs. It was not long before the entire temple was under water and priest found himself standing tall at the pinnacle of the temple, with both hands pointing up towards God and praying. He had faith in his prayers. Pretty soon he saw a boat approaching him. The boat captain urged the priest to jump into his boat so that he could be rescued. With unwavering faith, the priest replied no thanks. After all there was no reason for him to doubt his faith. He continued to refuse other offers of help as well. Of course, just to be sure, he increased the intensity of his payers every time he declined offers to help him. But the waters kept on rising, because the adverse natural forces at work were much stronger than the priest’s prayers.

Within a couple of hours water was touching the priest’s lips. Then he saw a helicopter dropping a rung of ladders. The helicopter pilot shouted, Sir this is your last chance. As expected the priest declined again and surrendered to what he thought was God’s will. He drowned and went to haven. There he asked God, what did I do wrong? I have been religiously serving you for over half a century. At the very least, you should have answered my prayers once! Why didn’t you? Now, who would have faith in you?

The God listened sympathetically and replied. Yes, my son, I did send rescue missions your way. Don’t you remember that helicopter that I sent, just before you chose to come here? The morale of the story is that God likes to be participative and those who cling to the rituals blindly get what they deserve. Some may call it Karma!

For the believers in every religion, God Almighty is the most powerful supernatural entity. There is nothing that happens or can happen without God’s will. This is true without doubt, for those with one hundred percent faith in God. However, the reality is that most believers have a shakable faith and situational ethics. This is quite evident in misconducts in everyday life, giving rise to increasing controversy about God; who, where, what, why and how.

The God controversy has been rooted in the believers simple view of ‘up there’; and the non-believers resentment to the hypocrisies, as seen in daily conduct of the believers as compared with their stated life philosophies.

I believe, God is a personification of totally integrated Universal Consciousness which includes everyone and everything. We are in this world to focus universal energy for specific purposeful actions. General tendency of overly religious people to delegate their personal responsibility back to God, via thoughtless following of rituals, defeats their life purpose.


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