Abundance Forever – How to train yourself? Part II

Abundance Forever – How to train yourself – Part II

Abundance is natural, yet most grownups spend their entire life pursuing it or yearning for it and blaming external forces.

For experiencing abundance, in the Part-I, I said that we need to reprogram our subconscious self to a limitless powerhouse more or less like the we were born with, because then we felt no scarcity of anything. As a new born we knew how to feel happy without wondering what we had or didn’t. One could argue that at that time we didn’t know any better and we were driven entirely by our instincts. If so, how can we be again so now?

During the process of growing up we have developed a power of reasoning, rather comparative reasoning. This is very useful. We have also learnt to attach levels like ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Most of us cannot think of feeling without categorizing it as good or bad, or positive and negative. Of course, the fact remains that feelings are only feelings, neither good nor bad. Our feelings may not have anything to do with reality. Yet, a feeling may have profound impact on how perceive reality. Many lives are messed up because of our reaction to feelings. Most wars have begun because of mismanagement of feelings.

Although feelings can be so consequential, just think about it, the only things we can really control by ourselves are our feelings. With helpful feelings it easy to experience real abundance whenever we want. Wouldn’t that be a good position to be in, for shaping destiny?

Having just the right kind of feelings all the time is impossible, with a few well anchored exceptions. The question is what to do when the feelings are felt negative? Attempting to analyze them, or reject them, has a tendency to strengthen them, which feeds to even greater negativity and hopelessness. Instead, our approach should be to let go of the feelings, positive or negative. That would balance the bodily hormones to restore flow of universal energy, and abundance.

There are proven techniques for ‘letting go’ of the feelings. There will be separate blogs on this subject, soon. Having clarity of life purpose helps big time as does regular meditation, towards development of a ‘letting go’ habit. Learning Strategies has an excellent course and paraliminals on Abundance for Life.

Jeddah Mali’s Seeds of Enlightenment  is a virtually effortless album for understanding our bigger self and for inducing meditative states.


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