Abundance Forever – How to train yourself? Part I

Abundance is a mindset and that can be achieved with practice. This mindset accelerates your growth like nothing else, as seen in the initial 6 years of human development.

Babies come into this world with a feeling of abundance. They are closest to the Universal Energy that is infinite. They operate as though they can have whatever they want and whenever they want. The scarcity conscious is a learned behavior, acquired during growing up process.

Child gradually learns to compare and want what others have. As part of helping them to grow, parents and society subtly program children with their beliefs of what they can or can not have. The basics are soon forgotten. Real needs take a back seat and desires become everything, whether or not the desired’s would result into sufficient beneficial impact. Parents are too busy with their own stuff and often don’t know enough about how to coach a child to think.

By the time we reach adulthood in our modern society most of us find themselves on a merry-go-around to want more and more, which reinforces  our internal belief of ‘lack’ again and again, and that, in turn, fuels greater desires. This cycle needs to be and can be reversed, with out stifling our really beneficial wants and related desires.


First step has to be to ask ourselves about the What’s, Why’s and When’s, before jumping on to the How’s. What do we want? Why do we need this or that? When? What after we get it? What purpose it is likely to serve? This is an analytic approach and not for everyone.

We need to reprogram our subconscious self to what we were born with. That is there is plenty in the universe for everyone. Indeed, with practice, the ‘believing’ can become seeing – easily over time. Regardless, the healthy attitude that would be cultivated in the process would be invaluable in enabling you to deploy your total assets, like no one else, for getting what you really want out of life.

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