To be clear about what success is must be the first step to achieving success.

So far, the best definition I have come across is: “Success is the completion of anything intended.” In other words it is finishing what you planned to do.

It has been an elusive term since the beginning of time. For ages, men and women have pursued that which would make them happy and fulfilled. At the same time they have tried to determine that which would make them feel as though they have achieved success. Some have defined success themselves, while others have been content to have others, or societies at large, define success for them. We would most certainly all agree that to a large degree, “success” is defined by the individual or group that is pursuing it.
Is there an objective definition of success? I do think that there are some general principles, shown throughout history, which measure true success. I would like to give you some principles that I believe are helpful when thinking about the subject for yourself, your family, and your career.

For now, within limitations of verbal communication, let us see what we can do together here for your success. For the processes, we will soon be offering on-line group, There you will find what success is? & how to achieve it? These sessions will be FREE for the members of this site. If you do not have membership access and want to join, please click this link. The membership is currently open for an annual fee of only $11 USD at this time.


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