Stress is essential for performance in life, as long as it is not producing any adverse effects on your mind and body. For Stress Management you need to adopt healthful nutrition and engage in regular exercise as well as simple meditation processes.

Before expecting stress management, you may want to understand the types and causes of stress that are many. A full discussion of the types and causes of stress is mostly of academic interest and beyond the scope of this blog. However, in all cases stress happens when you or internal parts of you resist anything that may be visible or invisible. This implies stress is unavoidable and the best you can do is to make stress management an automatic part of your life – sooner the better.

The good news is that Stress Management may be easier than what you may think. First step has to be learning how to be an observer of yourself in different situations, including your eating & sleeping habits. Next step in stress management has to be to be aware of how you look upon the world, the kind of thoughts you generate, your reaction to various situations, and a clear awareness of the your purpose behind whatever you may be find yourself doing.

Yes, the above is tall order that can be made simpler to follow with regular participation in appropriate Stress Managementworkshops. You will find them at our membership site from time to time, online or in person.If you do not have membership access and want to join, please click this link. The membership is currently open for an annual fee of only $11 USD at this time.In addition to a lot of educational material, in all such workshops, there are simple exercises that depend upon one or other forms of meditation. After all it is the practice that would make the real difference, with or without an intellectual understanding.

Connective Meditation (C) is natural and simple. To some extent you have enjoyed benefits of natural connectivity during your early years. You can easily recapture what you have forgotten via simple practices. Just click on the soothing picture above.

Manage your Stress

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