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‘Self improvement’ means different things to different people. It varies with age, physical health, mental development, financial situation, social background, skills, and ambitions. I believe that an intense desire for self improvement and doing all it takes, is very helpful in bridging the gap between rich and poor in society. United States of America is a good example where there is a large and ever expanding middle class, with an increasing number of people crossing into the riches. First let us look at the physical health. Improvement in his one is the easiest to accomplish and has to the first priority for everyone. Most people don’t wake up to this basis need until they become fat or sick, enough to be unable to perform to their expectations. Generally the at an early age, improvements in physical heath happen quickly. It takes good nutrition and exercise on a regular basis. You would find our website helpful. One simple thing everyone needs to do is to eat plenty of vegetables every day, for several advantages. Improvements in mental health are much more difficult to come buy. First problem is with oneself. Practically no one thinks there is room for improvement in their mental health. Everyday facts point to the contrary. Just observe your own behavior. Do even small imperfections in others make you angry? Do you keeping vacillating, before taking prudent actions? Do you excessively worry over things that go the other way? If so, like most people, you too can improve your mental health. Just remember, no one has to be sick to get ‘better’. Note that improvements in multiple aspects of human personality is a personal and ongoing process. You would do well to visit this site frequently for ideas. I recommend you sign-up for a free membership to this site (see top left) to keep on receiving updates, about twice a week. We will soon be offering special sessions at our membership only site http://TGTpower.comA complimentary membership may be available through our Facebook group “Think & Grow Rich”.

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Self improvement

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