Spirituality, Dharma, and Religion

How the very first religion came into existence is subject to one’s imagination. Vedic civilization is known to be the first one on our planet, dating back to prehistoric era of over 5,000 years or more. Indians have placed it to be in existence as far back as 10,000 years B.C.  Towards its tail end the Vedic Civilization is speculated to have been well known as the Indus Valley Civilization of ancient India. There was no religion at that time, as we have come to know of religions during the past 2500 years. During the Vedic period, there was only ‘Dharma’.

There is no standard definition of Dharma. Western dictionaries have defined it within the limitations of physical layers of human consciousness. I think Dharma as a way of life to preserve the connection between our physical, spiritual and eternal layers of consciousness. In that respect, dharma can be expressed as our conduct towards doing the universally ‘right’ thing.

As explained in the soon to be published book “Success Is Natural”, I look upon spirituality as the connecting glue between all spirits into oneness. Likewise I position Dharma as the guiding philosophy of life for interrelating our mind-body systems that are commonly limited to the physical layers of consciousness, in a manner that would nurture a strong natural connection with our higher layers of consciousness.

In ancient times, the Dharma used to be learned via practices of spirituality in daily living, which worked well within small populations of the Vedic times. With an exponential progression of the population, early societies began standardizing various Dharma practices that over the years have been gradually degenerating into dogmatic rituals to be known as Religions.

Over the generations, the masses have forgotten the spiritual basis of every religion, which was practiced by our historic ancestors as Dharma. Now all religions have become synonymous to often a burdensome collection of rituals, in the hope of pleasing some external God and expecting miracles. This duality is a far cry from the pursuit of oneness in spiritualism. This is why people now think that ‘success’ is something that need to be achieved, rather than being a natural way of life.

All religions need to be steered back to their source in spirituality. For launching humanity to the next level, all religious rituals need to be supercharged.

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