Self Growth Leads to Rediscovery of Perfection

Intent here is to stimulate productive thoughts. For best results don’t trust a word of what is being said here. Just acknowledge all thoughts that come in. Ponder everything. Trust yourself and act upon what may have potential. There are no rights or wrongs here; only helpful or not so. Questions and comments are welcome and may help you get more out of this blog.

Allow me to set the stage by asking you a question. When asked who are you, what would you say? People associate their identity with the name by which their body is known. This works in everyday conversation and for legal purposes. However, there is much more in an inter-life timeframe which is just as real. To the extent you feel you are just your body, you are separating yourself from everyone else, and that may or may not be always helpful in our complex society.

There is a spiritual point of view that you are a bundle of energy (spirit), living in the body known by your name. You chose this body for the desired experiences and to express yourself in an unique way during the life of your body. You have been perfect for your purpose in life right from the moment you were born, although yet to be made complete by the experiences you would have (choose) during this life.

Your ability to elicit help for growth from others was at its best during your infancy, when everyone felt you were helpless. There was a time when you enjoyed your spontaneity, were non judgmental and instinctively quick to change directions towards your chosen (destined) path.

During your journey through the years you passed through several well intentioned stop signs on a daily basis, acquired strong beliefs, the rights and the wrongs, and a habit to compare. Somewhere along the way you have also subconsciously accepted a socially admired paradigm that since you are not God, you cannot be perfect. You are no longer experiencing the perfection that you have always been. And, how can you?

The challenge is that by the time we grow up, we get conditioned to think that our body is all what we are! This at best is only a partial reality. We all have our Mind, Spirit, and above all the universal energy called (Prana) to help us. Note that ‘Mind’ is much more powerful a force than the brain.

Our mind, body, and spirit must function in unison, for us to experience the perfection that each one of us truly are. It was possible when we were a new born, going well into the ages of cuteness and innocence. Did you know it is again possible now, with awareness and training?

Solutions for a coherent functioning of the mind, body, and spirit have been evolving all through the passage of time. During the dawn of civilization they were easily implemented via word of mouth, faith, and highly cooperative people to people interactions. Over the centuries this knowledge has been carried forward, initially in form of traditions and the intent behind faithful religious practices.

Up to the Vedic civilization, there were no explicitly labeled religions. No Gods, Goddesses, or Prophets. Just a highly spiritual and collaborative way of life.

Along with a progression of civilization, practices in all religions have been continuing to degenerate into unhelpful dogmas. It seems that the masses are flocking into the popular places of worship, and around dispensers of Godly assurances, just to renew their blind faith in unrealistic expectations of peace and prosperity. This becomes harmful when people, on the strength of perceived blessing from the almighty, continue to carry out their daily lives in the same old self sabotaging ways.

No wonder, the religious rituals today are not able to do much beyond supporting survival . More and more people are turning away from organized religious activities, all over the educated world.

Many scholars and spiritually accomplished visionaries have attempted to correct the degenerative influences of blind faith in the rituals of organized religions. During the past fifty years a new brand of spiritual expression has been gaining momentum. It is orthogonal to the religious practices, and the two can coexist. It is eclectic in approach, drawing upon ancient wisdom, modern scientific advances, and the core values in religious teachings.

This relatively new approach focuses on assisting people in a practical day to day working sense, without empty promises. The techniques used are scientific and semi meditative, with experiential sessions.

Soon we will be starting a new web site, http://LifeRadiance.Net . At Life Radiance expect to find tools that will help you navigate through the real life and spiritual issues so that you may experience your natural brilliance more often. This would be in form of books, articles, audios, paraliminals, videos, and trainings, drawing upon Vedic philosophy, including practical aspects of extended Yoga and modern human potential movement.

The http://LifeRadiance.Net will be a live site that would continue to grow; visit often.


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