Self Growth Is About Experiencing Perfection

Of course, we all want to be ‘right’. Can everyone be right? Can being right assure us that we will get what we want at a given moment or out of life as a whole? After-all, even those walking on the right side of the road can get killed! So, shouldn’t we go for getting what we want out of life, as compared to being ‘right’ all the time?

But, here is the problem as well as a much needed opportunity. What we really want from moment to moment is not so easy to know, and this justifies a need for self growth.

It is interesting that we are brought up in a world where almost everyone focuses more on what is not right or what needs to be improved. With a very few exceptions, even the religious leaders claiming a direct connection with the supreme, deep down, perhaps think more about what is not OK with them and, more so, with others out there.

It has been ingrained in us that to be human is to be prone to error. The word ‘perfection’ is reserved for God, by different names depending upon one’s religion. A few wonder why God, who is all perfection, would create anything like a human that is imperfect. Some may think that if everyone thought they were perfect, just the way they were, there would be nothing to look forward to, giving rise to a passive life.

In this blog site you are invited to express your views on how we may continue to grow so that we may experience more and more of the perfection that we have been, are, and will be – always. More importantly, how we may behave in everyday life with a feeling of perfection within and outside? Techniques for experiencing perfection will be highly desirable, as will be reflections about what is possible when people would behave with a feeling of perfection in everyday life.

Undoubtedly the mission of this blog site covers a vast area, including everything from ‘Yoga’ to Quantum Physics and beyond. It is expected that we will draw upon ancient wisdom as well as modern science, behavioral practices in people of all religions, as well as all other natural or super natural entities. It is expected that what ‘is’ and what is ‘wanted’ will be emphasized in comments as  it may apply to the individual’s situation, rather than what it should be and what others must do. Everyday practicalities that also protect well being of others, as well as nature, must have higher priority over conduct driven by beliefs that may no longer be as resourceful.


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