( a lecture during his USA visit  on 09/06/1974 USA)

Studies in comparative religion conducted by various scholars during the past several years have revealed a wonderful unity of approach and concept in early man all over the world.  Long before man began to hate and persecute others for their religious beliefs and practices, he had discovered the acme of religions, “a spiritual vision” leading him to an experience where distinctions of sex and shape, race and color, caste and creed, language and region cease to exist.  Long before bloody wars were waged in the name of religion, and religion was used as a tool of imperialism, man had found that “real religion” consists not in ceremonious rites and rituals, priestly precepts and practices, but in the realization of the ultimate “Being” of man, the Sat of the Vedas and the son of Jews, the Tatva of India and the Tao of China, the Shakti of Agamas, Shekinah of Hebrews and Es-Sakirah of Arabs.

This early discovery of man can be of immense value to the modern world tending to become one under compelling circumstances, but choosing to remain divided as a matter of pernicious habit.  There is a growing tendency to overcome this “habit” by outlawing religion and blemishing it totally under the coercing sword of secularism, and by killing the “inner man” with the sugar-coated poison pills of materialism.  The remedy is, however, based on a wrong diagnosis of the disease.  The habitual conflict and confrontation between man and man is the gift, not of sat (truth) sought by religion, but of Satan 9 (the opposite of Sat), an instrument of irreligion pauperizing men of their spiritual energy in return for a tantalizing illusion of sensual pleasures.  This is what we should understand by the fruits of two different trees mentioned in the Bible.  There is a tree of life, the favorite of God and there is another, the favorite of Satan.  Similarly in Mahabharat, we have the tree of dharma, with God as its root and also a tree of adharma, with a blind king as its root.  The fruits of one can give you a spiritual life, full of peace and immortal bliss, whereas those of the other are sure to bring you discord, distress and death.  It is open for man to eat either-he is free to follow dharma or adharma. …..MORE

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