Navigating Life For Best Long Term Results!

You must of us have heard that those who have money can deal with life problems in style. Of course, this does not assure that people with money can get what what they want out of life, better than others. There is no correlation between the two successes.

Money comes and can help those, with greater passion for what they want that is of benefit to the society, over the long term. Only those who can connect with Universal Energy can get this clarity and associated benefits for self growth.

Procedures for insights into  universal wisdom must not be left to be driven down the line by an enlightened few.  This is the cake that you have to eat for yourself, and no one else can for you. There is no book or manual for it. There can be none for any self-experiential process.

To help you get a jump start, there is a conference on Universality of Knowledge (Veda) & Practical Applications.  This event would focus on the spiritual understanding of Universal Vedic Knowledge (UVK) and its practical implementation in daily life.


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