Meditation Happens Naturally

You were born with all skills to go into state of meditation, with out calling it so. There were no distractions for you as a baby. All you knew was to get into wherever your instincts took you, without reason or thinking twice or worrying about consequences. Feeling good was perhaps the only thing you knew, unless for meeting your primary need for sustaining your body.

Then, you started ‘learning’ as your share of growing up. Over several years you have come to be what you are today – an adult. You think you know what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’. You know more of what ‘not’ to do, since consequences are important as they should be. ┬áMore than your religion, you practice the art of justifying yourself and invalidating others, probably more of the latter, if you are like most people. You also know about ‘Meditation’, particularly how hard is it.

People have been led to believe that Meditation is a process of quietening their Mind. For that they must focus on something and keep chanting a Mantra, preferably in a cave up in the Himalayas. As a matter of fact, it should be much easier to do so in the absolute silence of high altitudes with no humans to prove anything to, Of course, it is for those who have learned techniques of survival with bare minimums. Well known Yogi’s have been doing that for thousands of years.

We would be talking more about it at our Membership Site. We will soon be beginning weekly practical sessions, to help you experience how just engaging in meditation is much simpler than talking about it or trying to ‘understand’ it.


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