Knowing to Believing to Seeing

‘Knowing’, ‘Believing’, and ‘Seeing’, which comes first? In everyday life ‘doing’ takes over everything for most people. The question what comes first seldom comes up for body-brain centered people. After all why bother about differences between knowing and believing? If one must, both are same for all practical and spiritual purposes, as long as one is focused on one’s physical self. Of course seeing does depend upon one’s ability to see and that depends upon the power to know.

For those who are really spiritually advanced, this question is perhaps not as valuable. Such people operate from a position of complete knowingness most of the time. They would rather enjoy their beingness and help you do the same, than dissecting the process or dwelling on the differences. For such enlightened people, the process of seeing through the eyes is more of an external representation of what their internal sight has made them aware off. To the extent our bodily senses can detect and describe something, it is easier to communicate that to others regardless of spiritual development.

There are times when one has a feeling of ‘knowing’ and does not want to believe that because of inconsistencies with one’s system of deeply ingrained beliefs. On the other hand, practitioners of religious rituals believe in their rituals without even caring to validate anything in light of current realities. They possess unquestionable faith in the super natural so much so that they have created their own realities, in their minds, conforming to their deep beliefs that were generally planted during their early childhood. Of course, often there is no ‘knowing’ there to support the beliefs that have been passed on to them from generations to generations.

It can be said that for spiritually advanced people super-conscious ‘knowing’ precedes ‘believing’. What I call super-conscious is a large subset of our vast subconscious. To understand this we need to understand our whole being-ness. Reasons are man-made and indicative only of left brained thinking. We need to involve our right brain as well, to access the immense power of our higher level of consciousness.

Veda has described seven layers of consciousness. As we move up towards higher levels of consciousness, the noise of reasoning and differences disappears and one is able to exist as a wholly connected being. Veda also suggests that we can be much more successful in the worldly affairs by being able to transcend into upper layers to bring back the powerful elixir of our universal extensions back into our physical being for empowering everyday actions.

No set of words or reasoning can be fully convincing to everyone that Knowing precedes Believing, which precedes Seeing. This is an inherent limitation of verbal communications, generally based upon man-made reasoning. Much depends also upon a relative understanding of context dependent meanings associated with specific words, particularly at deep subconscious levels. Therefore, keep your mind open to see what thought process works for you and go with that until you find something else that would serve your life-purpose better. Of course knowing the purpose of life is another story, subject of a future blog.


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