Traditional Meditation No Longer Works! ….. for many.

My 10 year old grand daughter surprised me this morning. She asked if I could take her through meditation again. She said, she enjoyed the meditation experience  yesterday. What is remarkable is that yesterday I never used the word ‘Meditation’ to her, but, it seems she read my mind. Friends, meditation can be this simple, natural, and enjoyable. Yet, I find grownups trying too hard and that too in a highly judgemental frame of mind with no satisfactory results.

My friend and affiliate, Matt Clarkson, President of Mind-Body Training Company, has done extensive research on why meditation may not be working for you? Matt says:

“Chances are —

You may not be getting the results you want from meditating because you’ve been taught what I call “incomplete meditation”.

How can you know if you’re meditating “the right way” that raises your energetic vibration most effectively??Here’s a simple test…Take a look at the following list of statements. Simply check off the ones that are true for you based on how often it happens (never, sometimes and usually).At the end of this simple 3-minute quiz, you’ll discover exactly why meditating hasn’t worked for you… why you keep getting mental clutter and emotional blocks… and exactly what’s stopping you from raising your vibration…”

You may take this 3 minute quiz yourself, free of charge, and find out. The results would be quite revealing. Here is how Matt explains:

“As you can see…

There are three main energy centers on your body. The body, the heart and the mind. They are sometimes called “dantians”.  Then, there is the Central Channel, which connects them.In order to raise your vibration the right way… so you can reach a higher energy frequency and connect with Source Energy…You must have all three dantians (energy centers) active, clear, and working together.When that happens, you reach your peak energy frequency. This makes everything flow.

And if you don’t…

If you only address one or two dantians (energy centers)… instead of working on all three dantians… (or if you don’t have them all working together)…  you will create unnecessary challenges in your life.

In short…

The three dantians must align for a clear channel


If your practice only focuses only on the body energy center — you would have raw confidence, vital energy, and personal power…But you’d have uncontrollable emotions. You’d also act physically, without thinking things through.
If your practice only focuses only on your heart energy center — you would have compassion and empathy…But you would ignore your own body, or act passionately without reason or logic. A sure path to disaster.
And if you focus only on your mind energy center — you would be distant, aloof and removed from the world. You’d be stuck in your head all the time, lacking relationships, connections and love.
Finally — and most importantly — if you fail to open the Central Channel and connect all three primary energy centers, you will find yourself as “a house divided,” thinking one thing, feeling another, and doing something else.

And unfortunately…

Nearly every meditation technique out in the world right now only works on one or a combination of two dantians… but not all three major energy centers together!

And until you get all three dantians (the body, heart and mind) working together…You will never break through the mental clutter, raise your energy frequency… and align with the power of Source Energy.Instead, you’ll be working against the Law of Attraction. Your energetic vibration will be “tainted” by static, clutter and low energy levels.The truth is — meditation, when done correctly (and completely, as you now know)… and in the right context,works.

As you may also know, meditation has been scientifically proven.

Major universities like Harvard, MIT and Stanford have done numerous studies on it.
Magazines like Scientific America, Psychology Today and Time have covered it.
And what’s more, over 100 scientific journals have published research, clinical trials and lab studies provingmeditation works.

The list of benefits to meditating goes on and on…

Reduce stress

• Lower blood pressure

Drop cholesterol levels

• Slow down the aging process

Increase creativity

• Decrease anxiety and depression

Improve memory and learning

• Become self-actualized

Live happier

• Control anger issues

Overcome fear and worries

So if you’ve ever meditated, and “nothing happened”…

It’s Not Your Fault Meditation
Isn’t Working For You!

Simply put…

The reason why meditation hasn’t worked for you is because “the traditional way” of doing it is incomplete and incompatible with our modern lifestyle.”

Matt has come up with a highly effective and easy to use

Guide To Core Energy Meditation

This proven meditation breakthrough creates ‘off the chart’ states of gratitude, peace and joy… allowing you to attract all the abundance, wealth and love you want in just 20 minutes a day!

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