How To Worship For Success?

World has several religions and many times more religious rituals that people engage in for success in life.  Yet only a few experience success. It is possible to worship for best results, which makes sense for everyone, regardless of their religion.

First it is important to understand what is worship. In Sanskrit and Hindi worship is known as Puja. The word Puja comes when ‘Pu’ and ‘Ja’ are integrated, as in ‘Pujan’ of Hindi. In Sanskrit ‘Pu’ is used for human body and ‘Ja’ refers to giving birth. Thus Puja means giving birth to the one being worshiped within one’s human body. With Worship or Puja, the worshiper invokes the one that is being worshiped to conduct one’s self as the one being worshiped should. This has to be first an individual process, before it can be purposefully practiced in a group. Therefore, every worship has to be personalized just like enjoyment of food is. It is that simple.

Personalization of worship requires a deeper understanding of one’s self than is typically available from the religious rituals as practiced by masses. When asked, who are you, it is common to get answers that relate to one’s body. When pressed further, some say their body has a spirit in it. The focus still remains on the body, which is only partially true.

Everyone needs to stay in touch with a higher level fact that we are a bundle of Universal Energy (UE), known as Spirit or Atman, that has temporarily taken a body to carry out a mission. Simple as it may be, shifting focus to the Spirit in us dramatically changes the perspective. For such Vedic Insights Into Universal Wisdom the Rishikesh retreat (UVK2013) would be valuable;

Of course, the body is also valuable, and must be looked after very well,  since it is the best mechanism for functioning of your spirit in a practical sense.


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