How to Supercharge Your Religious Rituals for Self Growth?

How would you feel if you were captain of your ship, in the middle of huge Tsunami like never before? Of course, you have strong anchors.  You have faith. As such there should be nothing to worry about. Yet, you may find that your ship is in turmoil at the mercy of unprecedented strong waves.

Over the span of hundreds of years, in spite of material progress and increasing life spans, it seems personal satisfaction with life has been on decline. Moral compasses are not working over much of the globe as well as they used to. Could it be that our massive anchors in form of time honored great religions have stopped working well, faced with increasingly complex socials issues?

Note that, deep down, your religion may still be highly capable at its core spiritual level, with its capability compromised by gross misunderstandings at its outer shell of ritualistic practices. Is it possible that over the years an unquestionable belief in religious practices has given rise to gross disconnects with their original spiritual intents?

How many times have you felt that things happen to you, even when you don’t want so? This can be very upsetting and stressful. Have you felt that certain happenings or people burn you up? Such frustrations are experienced because our psychological anchors get automatically fired up, when we receive a certain kind of negative stimulii consciously or subconsciously.

On the positive side, have you noticed that when people come out of a religious event they are at greater peace with themselves and positively disposed towards just about whatever they may encounter? This is because the process of total surrender and unconditional worship fires up positive anchors. However, the effect is generally short lived. Why so?

Almost all the time, positive feelings don’t last long enough to bring lasting happiness.  The good news is that the negative feeling­­­s need not cause lasting damage. All we have to do is to learn simple techniques to let them go, and not amplify them by dwelling upon them. Thoughts and feelings, positive or negative, just have a way of rising and receding, like waves in ocean, and firing associated anchors. Which ones stay longer has to do with our beliefs, internal conditioning, clarity of purpose, and lack or presence of strong immediate goals.

To the extent you are not getting the results you want, isn’t it high time to examine where your Life Anchors really are? Are traditional religious rituals your source of strength or mostly a temporary placebo? Are you driven by and for the goodness that has stayed imprisoned in those religious rituals? Or, are you following the rituals in fear of repercussions of not practicing them?

It is possible to supercharge your religious rituals for self-growth by understanding and internalizing the spiritual significance that they were ones designed to convey. When this is accomplished, each time a religious ritual is practiced it will automatically fire up associated positive anchors for a lasting happiness. The very first step has to be to examine every ritual and see how it is affecting your daily life, keeping only those that make sense for taking you towards your purpose in life.

This is not to say that religions are counterproductive and must be abandoned.  Far from it, religious practices have become very strong anchors that, guided by a constructive social vision, and, clear individual purposes, have the potential of strongest contribution to solving our problems.

As an example to get the point across, let us look at Lord Ganesha in India. Ganesha is real big among Hindus and a growing number non Hindus are also surrendering to Ganesh for removal of all difficulties along the way. It is interesting to visit how this was supposed to happen. The Ganesha worship was meant to motivate worshipers to do all that is possible for seeking oneness and cooperation in an environment of perceived diversity, which, in turn, is instrumental for removal of obstacles.

Wouldn’t it be most beneficial to do just enough idol worship that is essential in bringing the idol’s ideal qualities into our life and invigorating us to live through the day as that idol represented god would in your situation for accomplishing your purpose? Much more time needs to be allocated towards realizing the intent of religious rituals, like helping others get what they want out life that is conducive to your purpose and the mankind at large?

Remember that every God wants you, not your priest or the society, to be the captain in control of your own ship. Take responsibility and maintain your focus. For success, the religious practices that you follow must fire the associated spiritual anchors to propel you towards purposeful actions.


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