How To Personalize Religion For Success In Life?

This article follows an earlier post entitled “Personalization of Religion”, which is an attempt in a direction to wipe out religious conflicts and encourage self confidence. It would be of interest to those interested in self growth, stress management, yoga, and every success in life.

How To Personalize Religion:

It is a simple 3 step individual process, which may be easy or difficult for you depending upon where you are in life. In most cases it will get easier with regular and frequent practice; with emphasis on ‘regular’. 

KNOW: First step is to know and keep in mind that you are a bundle of Universal Energy (UE), called Spirit or Atman, with a body around it to express yourself . Such an awareness keeps you easily connectable with the UE at large.

CONNECT: Second step is to do whatever it takes to connect your spirit with the UE. Although rarely so, but it is possible, for some people to have evolved to a point where they get instantly connected with the UE and remain so as long as desired. Most of us would benefit towards such an evolution with a regular dose of meditation or some form of worship to connect with the UE. Note that every form of worship must always be with a total self involvement,  only to experience connectivity or being with UE (or God), and not to appease or beg from any power. After all, when connected with almighty UE, there would no need to ask anything from anybody. All that you would to do is to get going with all your resources at that time, and with an unwavering expectation of success, towards your goal at hand.

ACT: The third step is the most essential one for fulfillment of your worldly success, which is the reason your spirit has taken on the current body. As soon as the connection with the UE is felt, the third step must be begun without procrastination. This step is start utilizing your body for performing the actions that would take you towards realization of your purpose in this life. When the path of action is unclear, think from your heart & mind and validate that thinking with your brain. It is important to get into the action with 100% of yourself without worrying about the end results, with a faith that the UE would keep on motivating you to correct the course of your actions if and when necessary.

Keep in mind that in the above three step process there are no failures; only feed backs of immense significance. Remember, you are a co-creator of whatever happens to you or around you.


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