How To Easily Meditate For Stress Management & Relaxation?

First we will briefly explore the root cause of stress and why meditation can be the best medicine for stress management with enormous positive side effects. Next, we will look into virtually effortless meditation and relaxation techniques.

For everyone living, stress is an everyday occurrence. Of course, we hear more about it from the  busy and grown up people. While most youngsters are able to manage stress quite well, often without even trying, adults with a controller attitude often don’t feel good unless they are stressed. Why so?

My observations are that children are more instinct driven and environment compliant, while adults put their ego, logic and analysis at the forefront. Children have a way of flowing with ‘it’, whatever it may be, without worrying much about the consequences. On the other hand, adults with a sense of responsibility feel they are there to make things happen. Under adversity it is easy to feel challenged and worry about unfavorable outcomes, which causes stress.

We have a reactionary tendency to hold the external factors responsible for what caused stress. Of course, the fact is, it our reaction to the external events that is 100% responsible for how we feel at a given moment.

To deal with physical discomforts of stress we may take a variety of chemicals such as alcohol, tranquilizers, anti-depressants, etc.. All have temporary benefits, with long term side effects. Nothing in modern drugs can manage the root cause, that is the way we react to situations. That is why the benefits of drug therapy are mostly superficial and short lived.

While the logic and reasoning is accomplished at the conscious level of our mind, our automatic habitual responses in challenging situations are governed by our immensely more powerful sub-conscious. So it stands to reason that effective relaxation techniques must work more at the subconscious level, where drugs don’t.

We are part of our vast universe, which is a sea of consciousness. It is constantly subject to all kinds of dynamic forces. As in ocean, surface waves and storms are unavoidable. Of course we can learn to navigate our way. This learning can be facilitated by regular dives deeper into the ocean where there is relatively undisturbed order, peace, and tranquility. The ‘dives’ in the ocean of real life is mediation.

People have all kinds of connotations about meditation. Most feel it is difficult and non interesting, particularly as compared to the seemingly quick fixes for their stress management. Such feelings are reflective of ignorance, based upon uninformed social conversations.

The quick fixes have their place as a short term measure. For long term stress management there is nothing that beats meditation, not to mention its collateral benefits that build internal strength.

Perhaps the fastest way to experience benefits of meditation for stress management and relaxation is through use of paraliminals. The paraliminals can be specific to a particular goal in life or general purpose. You may use paraliminals while awake or during sleep. Just hook up with a stereo MP3 player and let go. No effort is recommended for best results. I have found it very refreshing during cat naps as well. With the help of paraliminal meditation I can do with about 30%  less sleep, while experiencing greater productivity thereafter.

You can try paraliminals risk free, with 30 day full refund guarantee.


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