How To Be Living The life You Really Want?

Disclosure: This blog contains a product endorsement, which is highly supportive of the subject matter.

Perhaps you would jump out of this article if I said, you are already living the life that you want. Yet, in a larger frame of reference that is true. You will see how? Yes, you may not think so. This is so for 9 out of 10 persons on our planet Earth. Why so? More importantly, what to do about it? Let us first review what is going on.

There have been several studies about why do some people usually get everything they want, while others simply confirm their apprehensions on a regular basis. Why so? One thing in common in both groups is that, deep down, they generally had an inkling about what was going to happen. Yet, they got they were not able to avert a negative outcome in spite of prayers and wishful thinking. The explanation is quite simple, when we acknowledge that we all have a conscious mind and, deep down, an almost infinitely more powerful subconscious mind. The latter is more powerful. It determines our automatic responses. In our fast moving life, all of our habitual actions are determined by our subconscious mind regardless of what we may think we consciously want. The trick lies in understanding the subconscious and, where necessary, reprogramming it to get us what we really want out of life.

This sounds like becoming conscious of the subconscious, which is a tall order, even for those who understand what is being talked about here. Dr. Robert Anthony has appropriately termed it “The Secret of Deliberate Creation” in his highly celebrated book that is so titled. I like Robert’s no-nonsense and unpretentious style of direct communication. It shows us not only ‘what’ to do but ‘how’ to do, particularly when we may not have enough time to think & ponder. This is like reprogramming your inner self for a desirable life.

One thing is known about all people. If one keeps on thinking pretty much similar thoughts, one would pretty much keep doing the similar thing and, consequently, getting pretty much the similar results. To make it worse, those who keep holding others responsible for adversities, or have delegated their responsibilities to government  or God, for their well being, they run the risk of getting neurosis of keeping on thinking and doing the same and, yet, expecting different results. Isn’t this insanity? How do you change that? As a matter of fact it is possible, for those with a burning desire and an unshakable determination to do whatever it takes – and sooner than later. A good place to begin is “The Secret of Deliberate Creation” to start creating your own future. Remember, the best time to do so was yesterday and the next best time is right now.

Here is the basic issue. Just for an oversimplified example, imagine you have grown up wearing green colored eye glasses and someone shows you a white paper. You would call it green, which has become your reality over the years because of the green spectacles. And, you would be right in your own mind. I know, you have seen many colors and you can tell white from green.

On the other hand, like everyone else, you have been brought up with a sense of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and several beliefs that have been passed on from generations to generations. Generally these age old beliefs are accepted as true, simply because they have been around forever. Whether or not these beliefs are applicable in today’s world, they may have colored your perception of reality so much so that most people are consistently getting the same unwanted (may be in different forms) results day in and day out. All you may we doing about it is to pin the blame on someone else, like if only other people would understand or when would the government come to its senses. Has this helped? Of course, not. Right now is not too late to change and start creating the life with a purpose.

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