How To Achieve Your Goals?

Goal setting and achieving is a science that requires a ‘whole mind’ approach. It is simple and can be easy to learn with proper high-tech mind training tools. Yet, a very few people are able to smoothly produce the desired results. Why so?

Here is what my friend Paul Bissonette, President of the Learning Strategies Corporation of USA, has to say.

‘…….”Failure to achieve our goals is often the result of our inability to believe we can really attain them,” says Paul Scheele.
With Future Mapping, you work with your nonconscious mind to draw an imaginary story that helps you think outside the box.
Then you consciously connect these imaginary events to come up with ideas that are not restricted by your past experience. Limiting beliefs, fears, and resistance are simply not part of the equation, allowing you to create an action scenario that will help you more easily achieve your goal.
You can use Future Mapping to create a business plan, write a book, solve a conflict, negotiate a sales agreement, tackle a home improvement project, or find a solution to a software issue. Future Mapping works regardless of differences in culture, ages, languages, personal background, and professional background. ………

4th graders made a long-term solution for a trash problem
Students discussed environmental issues in class. Although they were not used to problem-solving, Future Mapping allowed them to generate a long-term solution process that even adults would not have come up with.
The reason why school teachers are adopting a business-oriented tool in education is that there is educational effectiveness in the process of thinking, deciding, and generating outcomes independently.
Both children and adults get excited about this method. Everyone can enjoy it because everyone can make stories.
This is a world where age, expertise, background, and nationality do not matter. Everyone’s differences create synergy and will be reflected on a map. Every time you draw a map, you will feel that the world around you is getting close to what you want its future to be.
Future Mapping opens the door to your own possibility
…and evolution of human beings
Paul Scheele says, “Future Mapping will revolutionize the common understanding about the flow of time and the mechanism of the world. This is a skill that will be useful for the rest of your life. It will not only widen your possibilities in life but also expand the possibility of human beings.”
Future Mapping reverses existing ideas on goal achievement. It is a remarkable technology for problem-solving, creativity, and innovation.
Future Mapping uses the unexpected power of altruism, which is an “unselfish regard for the welfare of others” to help you achieve your goals.
Future Mapping captures conscious and nonconscious thoughts together to reduce interference from your limited conscious mind.
Future Mapping transforms your thinking into concrete action plans you can use immediately.
You can use it today to gather power from beyond your imagination and take the effort out of achieving goals. There is no finer way to maximize your potential.

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