From Thoughts to Natural Brilliance


From Thoughts to Natural Brilliance


by Rohit Chauhan


D-71 Sushant City, Jaipur, Raj., India


At the root of every strong action there is a dominant thought. Therefore, it is important to understand, what is thought? How and why do thoughts happen? Some thoughts result into joyful actions, while others cause feelings that may produce a drag on one’s psyche. Why so? What can be done to generate more of helpful thoughts that take us closer and closer towards experiencing the ultimate bliss known as ‘Sat-Chit-Anand’?  This paper reflects upon such significant questions and beneficial processes.

Thoughts are a reflection of one’s intentions. It stands to reason that positive intentions should result into beneficial thoughts and tranquility. For true believers good intentions do not need to be cultivated. They are automatic. Of course, such people are hard to find. They are usually intimate with Satchitanand. This requires staying well connected with one’s life purpose, with unwavering faith. For common social beings this isn’t easy, because they have grown up in an environment where ‘conformity’ was encouraged over ‘creativity’.

All this sounds good and esoteric, although the real question remains. How does one reach and stay with the Satchitanand state of mind? Our ancient literature is full of excellent Sadhana’s to address this issue. Yet, just look around. Based upon the attitudes and behavior of commoners in everyday life, it is evident that help is needed for a natural deployment of the ancient wisdom into habitual actions.

It takes good intentions for a rendezvous with Satchitanand. Those who may frequently experience Satchitanand have discovered the purpose of their lives. They also have a clear vision, goals, and compatible behavior, taking them towards their life’s purpose. However, living in society, even the most accomplished individuals can feel knocked out of their path. Then what to do? Yes, this is no challenge for those apt at deep meditation. For example, a regular Bipasna practitioner bounces back relatively quicker after emotional derailments.

But, what about the vast majority of people who have come to believe the meditations are only for the Yogi’s in Himalayas? We are talking about the masses, with a routine devotion to their religious rituals. They have become accustomed to chalking off everything to their ‘Karma’ or God’s will. They could benefit from easy to use semi-meditative procedures, which may become self-triggering with regular practice. Such procedures must do more than just assuring survival, in face of adversities. It must keep people appreciative of their unique strengths and moving towards their goals, in congruence with the goals of other humans & environment.

A “Release-Notice-Respond-Witness” model will be presented.  It works very well for cultivation of a relaxed awareness and purposeful actions, leading to deployment of natural brilliance that is inherent in each one of us. Time permitting; a few participatory exercises will be included.

Universal Energy?

Let us begin with something that is virtually non-controversial. It is fairly easy to get agreement on Universal Energy (UE), which is omnipresent, omnipotent, infinite, dynamic and conscious. It can take any form and shape. And, there is nothing that it is not. God has continued to be an excellent personification of UE, in all cultures. Within this framework a live human body is also a functioning bundle of UE and is also surrounded by UE in multiple dynamic forms.

Besides UE and its material forms, there is something called Consciousness that has to do with our connectivity with the UE at large.  UE is an all-encompassing awareness. Everyone has access to all of the Awareness, but not everyone is aware of all of it all the time. Depending upon our intention, we become conscious of only a certain portion of the overall Awareness.

I look upon our consciousness as a state of our resonance with UE. While it generally comes and goes, the same consciousness is theoretically reproducible under identical situations. It is somewhat akin to the phenomenon of tuning for specific radio waves in a receiver, where you can catch the same station by identical maneuvers.  Of course, exactly identical conditions in real life are as hard to come by as is to be able to step into the ‘same’ river at different times.

I like to characterize state of an intimate resonance with UE as Satchitanand or Sat-Chit-?nand, meaning Existence (Truth, the Eternal), Consciousness, and Bliss respectively. The experience of being in the Satchitanand state can be looked upon as providing a synergistic feeling that comes with integration of the three human aspects, Mind, Body, and Spirit, with the UE, into one ultimate reality.  It is a state of supreme universal consciousness.

Now we can attempt to answer what is thought?

A Thought?

People are used to thinking, and acting upon their thoughts. Interestingly, a thought by itself is not real. With a thought having no intrinsic meaning to itself, why is it that some thoughts can be said to result into joy while others can be attributed to pain? This has to do with the significance we attach to our thoughts and the causes that we connect them to.

Let us examine, what is a thought; how do thoughts originate; and how may we control thoughts? Although highly significant, such questions are powerful enough to send almost everyone into a tail spin. In the age where everyone wants a scientific proof, the challenge is how to prove something that is beyond the laws of classical or quantum physics.

Thoughts are transitional in nature and can generate feelings in us. They come like waves in ocean. One wave is superseded by a new wave, even before the previous wave has been fully dealt with. To the extent we are in the ocean we are aware of only the current wave at a moment. It is only by positioning ourselves above the ocean, with conscious awareness we can observe different waves concurrently.

Only significance a thought is entitled to is, what is associated to it by its thinker. Of course, we routinely give excessive importance to certain thoughts so much so that they are allowed to trigger the so called bad days, bad relationships, and a whole lot more. All this can happen even before we have had a chance to validate relevance associated with the thought. Often a group of like minded people may adopt thoughts that were important to certain individuals, and stroke them enough into chain reactions to cause communal wars.

Thoughts are a reflection of one’s intention. Positive intentions result into overall beneficial thoughts and tranquility. The time honored way to cultivate good intentions is to stay intimate with the Sat-Chit-Anand. This requires staying well connected with UE, for a conscious awareness of one’s purpose. For social beings this isn’t easy because ‘conformity’ is encouraged over ‘creativity’, with penalties for non compliance.

Nevertheless, a thought has something to do with energy; the UE that we are. People have been tempted to categorize thought as a form of energy. However, unlike energy, a thought cannot be contained by or converted into any known form of material or energy. I believe a thought has only to do with the state of energy; although it is not the energy.

I look upon thought as recognition of the UE flow. Thoughts happen whenever energy flows, and that is where our attention goes. We get to register this energy flow in form of a thought, depending upon the level of our conscious awareness at that time.

Now we need to reflect upon two tough questions; our Mind and Who We Are? Then we would be equipped to shift our attention to where and how thoughts originate?

The Mind?

Before proceeding further, it is important to review how our ‘mind’ functions. To me our mind has access to the consciousness in every cell of the body, including the brain. In a way the Mind is the UE, permeating through all our living cells. Note that here the ‘mind’ is meant to signify much more than our brain. Yes, our brain is a very significant part of the mind without which nothing else matters. However, the brain function is associated more with the conscious part of our mind.

There is also the other than conscious part of mind, widely known as the subconscious, which is immensely more powerful than the brain. I believe its reach extends to include all cells of the human body and their linkage to the UE. This makes subconscious powerful enough to be held accountable for how we habitually function in everyday life. Although our brain as a whole is responsible for our conscious behavior, at a cellular level, it is very at the mercy of the mighty subconscious.

First let us look at the conscious mind. It is mostly driven by the functions of our brain. The brain muscle is physically divided into two halves; the left brain and the right brain. The left brain is highly analytical, and has dominated the progress of science and technology. However, the Left Brain also experiences fear and anxiety.

On the other hand, the right brain does not experience fear or anxiety and its functioning is responsible for pleasurable experiences such as joy, calm, creativity, and self-healing. While the left brain functioning is predominantly digital, linear and number oriented, the right brain thinks mostly via analog imagery, graphics, and pattern recognition. Human beings have a tremendous capability to switch between the two brain halves, depending upon the situation, and as governed by strong beliefs and attitudes. When one switches to the Right Brain, anxiety disappears unleashing our creativity.

People when engaged in extensive analysis would find breathing mostly through the right nostril, while during joyful experiences breathing happens predominantly via left nostril. For best results it is important that the two brain halves work in unison, so as to be making right brained intuitive choices and validating them with left brained analysis. It is not difficult. Perhaps the simplest way to accomplish this is to breath together with both nostrils, and that is easily accomplished via pranayam techniques such as Anuloma-Viloma.

Switching between the left and right brains is generally an automatic phenomenon managed by our mighty subconscious. However, it is possible to make the switch at will.  Meditations, guided imagery, emotional shifts, are some of the practices to help us access our own Right Brain. Putting the left side of the body into action, like twiddling the left foot’s big toe, or a forced breathing through the left nostril, is also known to work for engaging the right brain towards relieving the state of anger or anxiety. More thought based techniques, like setting and invoking anchors, or use of scripts, come from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

I believe the right brain is driven more by the mighty subconscious mind, which is our interface to the super-conscious UE. At birth we are delivered only with an active subconscious mind, complete with powerful instincts. Almost immediately after birth we start programming our conscious mind, via interactions with the environment and caregivers. This is an invisible part of growing up in the society, including an acquisition of a sense of the right and wrong, that acts as our intrinsic protection mechanism.

Repeated impressions of similar nature on the subconscious become beliefs. As the time goes on beliefs becomes stronger and stronger, so much so they start governing our life often at the expense of restricting our consciousness. Unless effectively managed, all of these ingrained beliefs almost always modify the incoming information. They may also act as filters to keep the information out.

The layer of beliefs & habits acts as a gate keeping filter for the new incoming information, managed by our subconscious mind. Everything incompatible with the existing beliefs in the subconscious is rejected. This is the reason why, at times, when we make a conscious decision for doing something in future, what gets done is that we were subconsciously habituated to do under identical situations. This explains why it is said that old habits are hard to break.

Who Am I?

To a lesser or greater degree aware persons wonder, who they really are? Many sages and highly evolved minds have tried to answer this age old question, via a confusing process of elimination. Almost everyone seems to have spent much time on explaining what they are not. Due to such approaches, people have been gravitated to accept an apparent mystery behind this question. But, is there really any mystery, unless we so desire for protection of certain highly treasured beliefs.

Simple minded people have been content to move on by just putting this question aside, and conducting themselves as though they are their Body with a spirit caught in it. This translates more towards recognition of the body to body differences, with an over emphasis to our physical plain.

I am with those who think just the opposite, i.e., we are a Spirit with a body that allows self expression and interaction in physical and emotional dimensions. This may appear as a mere play of words, but, when you think about it, in the infinite UE continuum, our body is like a transcendental resort for us to experiment in and experience the results of our choices. This point of view has powerful life altering consequences.

All this could be a kind of heavy and perplexing. So, here is what I believe in from a day to day practical point of view. Beyond the surface differences, we all are an orderly and powerful domain of energy. When integrated over the infinite universe, the totality of consciousness in all types of domains in the universe produces the Satchitanand state. Our intrinsic packet of UE (Spirit) has assumed our body as a physical enclosure or a laboratory, for a limited duration of our body life. The duration is dynamically determined, jointly by the UE and by our day to day choices.  Note that this implies that duration of the body life, although limited, is not totally predestined; the stars do not have a final say normally.

Each human body has basically the same physical attributes and a varying degree of spiritual integration with the UE. I have grown up listening to my father quote from Veda, “Sharir Madhyam Khalu Dharm Sadhanam”, which I understood to mean that the medium of human body is the best form of life for relating with and expressing UE in practical terms. Naturally, we must take real good care of it.

The human body, mind, and spirit, together can act as a powerful lens for collimating UE on desired purposes. We need to develop this power and express it with an objective of further amplification of the UE within us. This is our life purpose, without which our power is destined to decay. General tendency of overly religious people to delegate their personal responsibility back to their God or priests, via thoughtless following of rituals, defeats their life purpose.

Life Purpose?

What is the purpose of my life? This question stuns almost everybody. People have been either not thought about it or they simply put it aside to be answered by their supernatural caretakers. To me the ultimate answer is a given. Ultimately, everyone has the same life purpose. That is to resonate with the UE, with or without our body. Generally we are just not conscious of it. Yet, ultimately, all of us achieve this life purpose, either while living in the given body or thereafter. This is how benevolent the UE is, by its own design. If so, then, what’s the commotion beyond the protection of the human ego?

With our physical eyes able to look only outwards, People have a tendency to think in terms of them being their body. People are trying to relate mostly in a body to body manner, driven by the individual beliefs based differences. Just about all systems, laws, products, and services are geared towards our bodies. After all what else one would expect when we don’t do enough to relate with others at a spiritual level. We get a little too involved in the apparently transitory realities of body life movies, forgetting our intimate relationship with UE.

Yet, consciously or not, all of us have the same ultimate objective at the end of our lives; unity with UE. Given that, the question about the purpose of life needs to be entertained only while we have this body. Let us call it the Body-Life Purpose (BLP), which is commonly referred as the Purpose of Life. It is different for different individuals, coming together only at the end of life – voluntarily or otherwise. Other than the ultimate life purpose, there is no permanency to who we are.

The strategy for accomplishing our BLP, call it Life Vision, is implemented in terms of a series of coherent goals along the life timeline. A few persons are able to tap into the all capable UE easily, while the others can train themselves for it, depending upon their BLP. Those who stay closely coupled with UE, become aware of their life’s theme by which to achieve their BLP. For ease of management, they are consciously able to subdivide their BLP into a number of short duration transient purposes. Depending upon the situation and whatever we need to accomplish through our human body, we become that entity for the duration of that transient purpose.

These intermediate goals can be situational, based upon our uniqueness of internal resources, demands of the moment, and the strength of our spirits coupling with the UE at large. This coupling may easily change from time to time depending upon one’s focus as well as an alignment with the UE. Of course, along the life journey, this is how we are provided with an ample opportunity for spiritual growth that is noticeable to those with conscious awareness.

For maximal expression of our lives the key is to stay conscious about to what extent and in which dimensions do we want to grow our spirit, during the life span and before becoming one again with UE. These factors determine our BLP. I feel that we come into this world with a nebulous idea of our BLP, with an opportunity for gaining clarity through experiences. Such a conscious awareness, with improving clarity of the BLP, makes us potentially powerful for sequencing our intentions in life altering ways.

Power of Intention?

What is our real intention at a given moment can be ascertained only by the results we experience at that moment. When I find myself saying I intended this and that happened, it is simply a mechanism for making my inner self ‘right’ and passing on the responsibility to something else. It is somewhat like an apparent satisfaction that comes with the thought of being able to keep my cake intact and eat it too, concurrently.

Our real intention is always responsible for the thoughts we experience. Sooner we accept it more powerful we become, although the connection between an intention and the resulting thoughts is seldom noticed depending upon one’s conscious awareness. I have found this conjecture helpful in getting out of doldrums; by just asking to myself, what is my intention at that very moment to be thinking so negative.

To appreciate how thoughts result from our intentions, we need to recognize the Vedic saying that ‘Yatha Brahmande Tatha Pinde’. With enormous far reaching consequences, it means what is outside in the Universe is also within us. A model for understanding the either can be constructed by knowing the other. The UE within each of us behaves basically in the same way as the UE at large. This suggests the humans and the environment would experience sickness together, noticeable according to the respective magnitudes and form factors. Neither can be cured fully in isolation of the other, without a secondary repercussion in another dimension or form. The proof is evident on a collective basis, by observing the changes in our body behavior as well as the environmental factors such as global warming.

Within us being a highly active bundle of UE, our Spirit, it is reasonable to visualize UE fields with in us emanating rays of UE to stay ideally in resonance with the UE. During our pure & healthy babyhood our spirit integrates and resonates well with UE, almost unimpeded. Then, as we become ‘smart’ and ‘worldly wise’, for our protection or social conformance, we gradually allow hardening of the shield of our strong beliefs around us. This shield restricts flow of our Spirit (intrinsic UE), so as to limit or severely restrict our relationship with the UE at large. Conceptually, it is like our spirit’s UE rays are trying to reach out, but not being able to go beyond a certain distance due to the protective shield of the hardened beliefs.

It seems this mechanism forms an enveloping halo (Aura) with a bounding definition around us, depending upon the degrees of interaction with the infinite ocean of UE. The electrical component of such an aura can be observed via Kirlian Photography. I believe there are more than just the electrical aspects to our Aura, hitherto unobservable via known technologies.

It is conceivable that our Aura takes the form of our thoughts, and its shape and intensity are highly dynamic for externally focused individuals. The aura stays relatively the same and strong for those unperturbed by the external or internal factors.

The shape and intensity of our aura is representative of the thoughts we encounter. It can be highly dynamic, like thoughts that are function the intentions (and doubts) we hold from moment to moment. It seems, the change in aura takes place depending upon our intention at a given moment, and that change in the Aura gives rise to thoughts within us. Here is simple minded depiction of what goes on.

Our INTENTIONs lead to changes in shape & intensity of our AURA, and that leads to our THOUGHTs after an instantaneous filtration or reconciliation with our beliefs. Thoughts lead to FEELINGs that lead to ACTIONs. The responses to our actions feed back to become a basis for new INTENTIONs, depending upon how conscious we are of our purpose. The cycle keeps on repeating, to give us EXPERIECEs.  Similar experiences over time result into BELIEFs and the similar actions, repeated over time, determine our subconsciously triggered BEHAVIORs. By the time we reach adulthood, a common person owns a set of strong beliefs that determine our personality, as well as predictable behavioral response to external stimuli.

The hardened beliefs over time take over power of absolute truth (UE) for our minds. They start acting like a sentry to keep new ideas out, for protection of our highly treasured image or ego. This can be good for our perceived purpose, while running the risk of opportunity losses. Our progress towards our latent natural brilliance lies in our ability to manage our protective shield of beliefs, to our collective advantage towards our BLP.

Do we have a Choice?

In face of adverse situations, I have become used to hearing people say “What can I do?” The whole world is going that way. Such comments signal despondency, which is not at all in compliance with the Vedic saying, “Ahm Brahmasmi”. This is so because most persons have yet to discover their BLP and the intermediate life purposes. Those who do know may lack timely awareness in face of apparent roadblocks.

The idea is to train ourselves to stay consciously aware of our BLP, even at the subconscious level. We must also keep a dynamic inventory of all our assets and resources, and maintain conscious awareness to be able to act effectively.

The formula is really simple for those who remain in touch with their BLP. Unlike most people, they do not complain about having no control on their thoughts, and thereby on their feelings or actions. They quickly think of what has to be their objective at a given moment, which would take them towards their BLP. So driven, they come to hold their intention for that moment, which drives their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Yes, detours are not uncommon and neither are unhelpful choices. Both must be dealt with, like a rocket en route to a distant planet, to correct our trajectory towards the life purposes frequently. Such a person does not get paralyzed by analysis and has learnt to glide with the desired components of UE waves.

By now a burning question has to be, if the life formula is that simple then, why can’t most people implement it? It is simple but not easy for those who have been continuously chasing the norms of society towards becoming a common person.

Most of us have not kept up our self-reliance even to the level we had at birth. We operate as though others always have a better idea, particularly when it comes to the so called experts, government, authoritative elders, and religious leaders. This attitude gives rise to generally false expectations, while compromising one’s own potential.

In the societies where the masses have blindly surrendered to religious rituals, it is seen that the personal responsibility has been passed on to a catch all perception of God. Interestingly, thereby, while the perceived reliance on their God has rapidly increased, people have proportionately weakened their capacity to accept their God’s help. This happens as the coupling of an individual body spirit with UE decreases, thus curtailing our natural ability to leverage upon the UE. Over time this results into deterioration of the body’s health, and ultimately death beyond one’s control.

Fortunately, everyone still has preserved a natural instinct. That is, we all want to seek pleasure and avoid pain. This is what determines people’s behavior, on surface. Yet, it seems the perceived pain in the masses has been on the rise. To start plugging into solutions I suggest we do so by thinking outside the imaginary boxes that we tend to subconsciously frame around the issues, based upon perceived limitations. Note that the ‘life’ is eternal, not limited to any box. With a relaxed and open mind, if we can stay in touch with our individual BLP’s, we would drastically increase our chances of success by looking for solutions both within and outside of the mostly imaginary boxes.

This involves enlarging our perspective for the possibilities, and practicing to deal with the issues systematically, with a relaxed and conscious awareness.

Creative Meditation

For conscious awareness people have always gravitated towards meditation, and they have been right. Meditation is as natural as is our instinct to avoid pain and seek pleasure.

First let us examine the states of pain and pleasure, in light of the model we have constructed above for “Who Am I?”  Since we are a Spirit, a bundle of UE, surrounded by the ocean of UE, it is natural for us to resonate with UE. What come in way are constrictions that express as feelings of pain. All constrictions are against the scientifically proven expanding nature of our universe. No wonder, we seek to avoid pain.

On the other hand, a state of pleasure relates to the expansionary nature of the universe. The feelings of pleasure are expressions associated with expansion of channels to the ocean of the UE that surrounds us. It facilitates the resonance between the UE and our Spirit.

We can rely on easily implementable meditation techniques for deep relaxation and opening our channels to the UE. This would enhance our conscious awareness, so as to retain our worldly relevant creativity.

Perhaps I am coining a new brand here in the name of Creative Meditation, as a subset of an all empowering deep meditation.  Its focus is on creative practical applications, mostly near the lower states of spiritual human personality and helpful in synergistic worldly affairs. From a solutions perspective, I believe that mediation used to isolate oneself is collectively less purposeful, within the infinite universal frame of reference, as compared to the concept of Creative Meditation that emphasizes helpful connectivity with the UE. For more, let us participate at http://LifeRadiance.Net , in the Meditation or Dialogue sections.

Creative Meditation can be as simple as getting into rhythmic breathing, with substantial benefits. As an example, I just sit in an open body position and start observing my breathing pattern. Of course, after a hectic day, I strongly recommend the Aunuloma – Viloma pranayam for 5 minutes before getting into Creative Meditation. Within moments I find that my breathing pattern has automatically become rhythmic such that I am inhaling smoothly and rolling it back into exhaling, both in equal amounts of time. Concurrently I observe rise of energy from my sacrum area to travel along the spine and reach out to integrate with UE, though my vertex in the head, with each inhale and exhale.  When I want to go deeper, I just start observing my Aura romancing with the UE and providing me with the pleasure of an infinite connectivity. With practice one can do all this at anytime, anywhere, and in any situation to relax and enhance creativity. It is that simple, if we so allow.

With Creative Meditation we can reduce constriction and promote expansion by relaxing our mind and blood vessels, for wellbeing and enhancement of creativity. This would be in keeping with the intent of a Vedic teaching, “Sharir Madhyam Khalu Dharm Sadhanam”.  Creative Meditation helps in taking us to the states of deep relaxation for facilitating our spirit’s connectivity with the world, and the UE at large, which is essential for getting us what we really want out of life.

Towards Natural Brilliance:

It is simply amazing and nothing short of natural brilliance, how a new born comes into the world and easily learns so many things that will challenge any adult if one had to relearn. A healthy newborn mind is like a sponge ready to soak in everything that comes its way through the highly connected subconscious mind, without wondering about any of the how’s or why’s.

For infants, this happens because of their natural knowing that is reflective of an intimate connection with UE. This marvelous faculty gradually weakens, as a side effect of growing up with social Do’s and Don’ts. Invariably by the time children are 5-6 years of age they have begun to constrict or clog their channels to the UE. Depending upon how well we want, it is possible to reestablish our child like connections with the UE surrounding us. Simply be childlike in every respect. Of course, it is not so easy for the approval seekers.

Common persons generally have their intentions escorted by doubts and “what others would say?” considerations. Naturally, they generate appropriate thoughts and actions of both types – Success & Failure.  Some are conducive and the others obstructive to our intermediate life purposes. With all the paradoxes of life, tensions, and trepidations, most untrained people end up discontented with the result they get in comparison to their nebulous intents. A general tendency is to blame external factors for the perceived failures, which further constricts the flow of UE through us so as to decrease the chances of achieving most out of the succeeding efforts.

For a model of success exhibiting brilliance, we must begin by learning how to keep our channels for the UE flow open. We must be able to “let go” of the constricting forces promptly, either with subconscious strengths or with easily deployable conscious techniques. All forms of meditation techniques are known to produce good results.

I have found The Sedona Method to be the easiest of all procedures for “letting go”, to RELEASE from constricting forces. It is deceptively simple, easy to practice, and incredibly powerful. It is excellent in helping us quickly vacate our mind from non-helpful thoughts, to be able to whole heartedly focus on relevant issues and pursue potentially beneficial options. At first it seems the release comes from our conscious efforts, and, with practice, it is automatically invoked by the subconscious.

Immediately upon release of the forces that constrict us, UE starts nourishing us freely, which results into a much stronger access to all of our resources? This opens up new possibilities, like having the sun brighten a heavily clouded day. Creative juices start flowing and we are ready to move on with the next step towards experiencing Natural Brilliance.

Natural Brilliance Through The RNRW Cycle

Conscious Awareness For Success With Natural Brilliance

Now, with a better availability of all our resources, we can better NOTICE the available options to keep moving towards our objective at hand. This step requires an optimal use of both, left & right, brains as well as conscious & subconscious minds. With a relaxed and conscious awareness of the applicable options, we need to choose the next course of action and RESPOND as appropriate.

After every action or a no action response, it is vital to WITNESS the effectiveness of our response in a comprehensive and timely manner. Along with the noticing, the witnessing is best done by positioning our observer faculty detached from our body. Only via conscious witnessing we can get in touch with constricting forces that are impeding the UE flow, to launch us into the next RELEASE, NOTICE, RESPOND, WITNESS (RNRW) cycle. For highly successful persons all this keeps on happening routinely, in calm and collected manner, as though on auto pilot.

In the beginning an implementation of the RNRW model may be mostly a left brained analytical activity. However, with practice, it goes into becoming more and more a right brained activity where left brain is automatically tasked on as needed from time to time. The RNRW model, for systematic manifestation of success with Natural Brilliance, was conceived by Paul Scheele, who humbly attributes the credit to his Himalayan lineage. It is best explained through participation in the Natural Brilliance training program.

Perhaps the single most important step of the RNRW model for natural brilliance is its first step, RELEASE, which is easily accomplished with The Sedona Method. Forgiveness, although highly desirable, is not a requirement for seeking the Release of tied up energies for productive purposes. While there are ample books and CD’s on The Sedona Method, there is no substitute for getting started with a formal training. When people read or hear about it, they wonder how such a simple no brainer can help in letting go of the forces within us that constrict our energy flow. If possible, we will experience a sample of The Sedona Method during the conference.


Success due to Natural Brilliance comes by leveraging upon our relationship with Universal Energy that is personified as God by the believers. Four most helpful steps towards unleashing our Natural Brilliance are:

  1. Being in Present Moment,
  2. Conscious Awareness,
  3. Clear Intention, and
  4. Active Self-reliance.

Our Intention leads to thoughts.  People generally encounter flurries of thoughts, when the intention is clouded by competing desires, anxiety, or fears. For the desired results, it is important that we nurture only the purposeful thoughts. That requires holding only those intentions that would take us towards our Body-Life Purpose.

This can be facilitated by trainings for realization of the Brahma within each of us. Such trainings must build in us automatic capabilities for freely flowing with Universal Energy. A simple RELEASE, NOTICE, RESPOND, WITNESS model, powered by adaptive procedures for a regular rendezvous with UE in semi-meditative states, goes a long way towards helping us experience abundance in life due to Natural Brilliance.

In a nutshell, let us be consciously aware of all of our spiritual and material resources and deploy them effectively for the benefit of the mankind & environment, as consistent with our Body-Life Purpose. Such attitudes and endeavors would enable us to hold purposeful intentions that would generate beneficial thoughts, validated by good feelings, and resulting into actions for desired results.


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