For Self Growth & Purposeful Life Relate To Your Root Want

We have heard about how powerful a single thought can be in determining our behavior and what we attract in life. Have you ever wondered what causes a thought in the first place? If you just desire my answer to the question, I have already given it. Just think about it and you will get what I mean, or wait until later in this short article.

It is common to hear that we do not know what we really want, deep down. You may wonder whether trying to know what your root want is like chasing a mirage? It may very well be to you, depending upon how badly you want to live a purposeful life. However, the pursuit itself can be immensely beneficial to everyone in getting more of what they want out of life at a given moment. The benefits are usually progressive and require faith in oneself.

Regardless, if you feel even a little bit intrigued, please read-on because much more usable value lies in a deeper understanding of a circular interplay between the Want, Intention, Thought, Feeling, Behavior, Result, and wants. As we age towards maturity, without pursuits of conscious awareness, over time, our wants have a tendency to become more and more illusionary in a long term perspective, to be able to fully camouflage what used to be our real Want.

We will use a metaphysical model which was inculcated in me by late Dr. Fatah Singh, a recognized Vedic philosopher of the highest order in the 20th century. I inherited some of his wisdom via osmosis, believed in it, and refined it, over the 50-60 years. Something close to it has been very well articulated by Jeddah Mali of UK, in her excellent CD’s album known as “Seeds of Enlightenment”. In these fabulous CD’s, Jeddah has gone beyond words, via experiential meditation sessions. If anyone wants these CD’s, just write to me at .

The metaphysical model believes in the omnipresent Universal Energy. Every being and everything else are all immersed in it. We are very much a part of the Universal Energy. We become aware of only a miniscule part of it, depending upon our resonant frequency at that time. Of course, at this point, a majority of human beings may just want to leave it to God. This may allow them to enjoy flowing with the Universal Energy, unless stuck in one or more of social trances; consciously or otherwise.

In Jeddah Mali’s way of presentation, each one of us is surrounded by what she calls, “Sea of Awareness” where the water is what I call Universal Energy. While presence of this Sea of Awareness is constant, its form keeps on being shaped and reshaped according one’s changing thoughts. Coincidently with a thought the shape of our Sea of Awareness immediately conforms to that thought, which provides us with the related experience. For most of us, most of the time, the thoughts are so rapid that one is not aware of which thought caused what experience.

This process generates feelings in us, which invariably translate in to actions depending upon our attitudes that have been set by our beliefs over time.

The form of the Sea of Awareness is highly dynamic, due to the fleeting nature of the thoughts in common people, generally, in a random fashion. One thing is certain that our thoughts are just that – our thoughts. There no reality to them, as they keep changing. Certain thoughts that repeat frequently have a tendency to become beliefs.

Every thought changes the Sea of Awareness, which results into an experience and contributes to one or feelings. This means all feelings can be only personal, i.e. owned by a person, at least to start with. Therefore, they can be best managed at a personal level. Like thoughts, there is no reality that is intrinsic to a feeling; beyond what is attributed by the feeler, based upon his or her beliefs and attitudes. The thoughts or feelings by themselves are neither good nor bad. You may label your feelings as you choose; good, bad, ugly or whatever you like. You may react to them or not.

Lester Levenson and Hale Dwoskin of U.S.A. have developed a very simple process for managing the feelings. It is called The Sedona Method. It is very powerful. It seems consistent with teachings of all great religions that are ultimately based upon the Universal Energy model of existence. You can know more about this method on Internet. It was also discussed in the second issue of the Veda Drishti.

The Sedona Method derives from the fact that the feelings are just feelings and you can let them go.

There is energy linked with every feeling. If this energy is positively aligned with the feeler’s Sea of Awareness, it is expansionary and that is in consonance with the basic nature of Universal Energy. This is why it gives rise to the well known law of attraction that can be harnessed to manifest the experiences one wants in life. Much has been written about it.

To the extent, a feeling is looked upon as bad it carries negative energy which is adversely aligned with the feeler’s Sea of Awareness. Its constricting influence on the Sea of awareness is against the nature of Universal Energy, which shows up in form of stress within the person and his environment. Such situations are very common, often with visible results.

The Sedona Method points out that we have 3 options to deal with our feelings. Just for ease of understanding, pretend that what you perceive to be a bad feeling is like a dagger in your fully powered hand. It is ready to go. Now one option is to turn you hand towards yourself, which most hopeless or nervous people would do. If you do so often enough or with strong enough force, you will end up becoming history sooner than later. On the other hand, if you point the dagger away from you, the law may get you as well as a lot of other people.

Fortunately, there is third option as well, which The Sedona Method encourages. That is to release the dagger altogether. This release is the most resourceful form of the three options. Of course, this does not mean you that you forgive or forget the issue or do nothing with the problem. A let go type of release results in a surge of energy within the releaser, by opening constrictions to allow flow of creative juices. After a good release what one perceived as problems before, may become an avenue for new opportunities.

Now, I am hearing my readers say, Rohit, it is not so simple. I would agree. It does not have to be always simple to be good. For some it may not be so simple, to the extent one has trained oneself to think so in such situations. Actually, deep down it may not be challenging enough for some to deal with simple issues. Yet, by now, for thousands of people The Sedona Method release has become a second nature, with practice of simple and easy to practice processes involving just 4 steps.

A resourceful management of feelings is bound to produce behavioral changes to get you the desired results. Without it, you may only accomplish what is required to protect your ago at that time along with a host of potentially harmful side effects.

What we have described so far is best directed at a conscious individual. Some would say if there is such as person he does not need this article or The Sedona Method. This is precisely the reason why we need to blog, practice and share more of such Self Growth ideas. Most people today, most of the time, are on auto pilot with their feelings dagger pointed away from them towards those they think are the culprits. For them there is always an external reason why they are not getting what they want out of life. They think they will be happy only when something outside of them would change. In a way, for them, the sources of their happiness lie outside of themselves. Isn’t like giving away the remote controls of your happiness TV to others. How sad!

The saving grace is that it is just not possible for people to be on the auto pilot all the time. Most of us want to do better, deep down. Now and then, they are likely to be open to ideas that have the potential of helping them manifest their desired results. It is resourceful to operate from the point of view that most people have acquired a set of values or belief over the years that may no longer be as appropriate today. These beliefs have been formed from repetitive thoughts that lead to undesirable experiences, to un-resourceful intentions, to negative feelings, to more of negative thoughts, to more of un-helpful behavior & results. The cycle needs to be broken.

Note that at the beginning of the chain there is always a thought, with no intrinsic reality association. Yet, because of the real values that are linked to it by one’s belief system that thought can take one to Nirvana or a Hell like situation. That is why it is said that you are what your dominant thoughts are.

A priceless question is why and how does a thought happen in the first place? We know that it originates in your Sea of Awareness; but why?  In the Jeddah Mali’s model, the instruction to the Sea of Awareness is given by the intention you hold and the Sea of Awareness proactively changes to conform to generate an experience of thought in you, which generates feelings, and the cycle goes on.

I think the intentions are a reflection of our wants; long term and short term. During the process of growing up, the wants get modified by the beliefs that are ingrained in one’s sub-consciousness, and are now controlling all programs of a human robot like an operating system in a computer. When a belief based operating system is in charge, it generates its own wants that would make the person (owner) “right” by protection of a belief. This may even be at the expense of decreasing chances of getting result that were really “wanted”.

Without being aware it, for most people their thoughts give rise to the seemingly negative feelings resulting into the consequences that are usually blamed on the external people or forces. With awareness of what feeling preceded a particular experience, everyone has the capability of using that moment as a trigger to release that feeling and switch to sending out resourceful vibrations that resonate with universal energy to generate positive feelings and experiences.  How wonderful!

Now that we know all this, how do we get off the merry-go-round? Frankly, this is beyond the scope of any one article such as this one. However, let us look at what was there when you were born and had no belief to begin with? At that time you operated with your natural instincts, rather than learnt beliefs. You interacted with the reality around you directly, rather than protection of a belief or ego.

The answer can be found by observing newborns during their formative years, or should we say social programming. Before the beliefs were installed, people say, there were no wants beyond the survival instincts. As such there could be no intentions or thoughts like we know in the grownups. If so, then why did you take birth? What can be purpose of your life?

My contention is that the very fact you were born indicates there was a root “want” in the bundle (Hindu’s call it Atma or soul) of Universal Energy that you were just before your birth. People call this root Want by various names, most commonly as “Purpose of Life”. This want drove you to choose your parents and the cycle, i.e. the root Want, Intention, Thought, Feeling, Behavior, Result, and wants, got started.

You took the body to gain certain experiences and started life doing exactly just that. In the process you kept on getting transformed (usually called learning) and, at least on the surface of consciousness, forgot about the experience that you took the body for in the first place.

As people start being aware of the inevitable, they often start thinking about the purpose of their life that requires getting in touch with the root Want, which motivated them to take the birth. This involves surrendering to the laws of Universal Energy, which releases the feelings that constrict the Sea of Awareness.

The releases must take place proactively, efficiently and smoothly. The Sedona Method makes an excellent beginning to be followed by meditational practices. The releases restore the flow of Universal Energy through us. Meditation helps in cutting through the illusionary clouds, something like transcending the disturbances on surface of an ocean into depths that are full of serene beauty and calm. Both techniques are helpful in bringing one’s awareness in touch with the Universal consciousness called by Hindu’s as Sat_Chita_Anand.

Regular prayers and worships can also be helpful in putting devotees in a proper state of mind, below day to day disturbances, in touch with the Universal Energy. But, for most, it remains like buying a ticket for an airplane ride again and again and never using it. You still need to do the karma of going to the airport, sitting in the plane, and complying with the regulations. Likewise, the essence of the prayers must still be instilled in everyday life. In religious pursuits, one needs to very vigilant about being sold of false expectations. Certain things just cannot be delegated, even to the priests.

No one can know the purpose of your life, your root Want, better than yourself and most certainly no one can fulfill it for you. Common religious practices today, such as a ritualistic weekly visit to a place of worship, cannot be equated to the Bhakti Yoga that has to be lived in every single breath. Proactive releases of un-resourceful feelings, good or bad, and meditation are just as essential as the basic daily necessities.


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