For Self Growth Let Us Check With God!

Today is Sunday, March 07, 2010. First thing this morning I did was to glance over the current issue of a local monthly publication, Valley India Times of Phoenix, AZ, USA. An article on the very first page caught my eye. It was a vivid description of rampant shortage of drinking water in several counties of the world, including those that can boast rapid progress and success towards joining the super economic powers status.

The article contained photos depicting people having to rush out of their homes every morning to fetch water. Today in many rural areas of the world people have to live on muddy and infected water that is reducing the life spans of children drastically. Of course I have also heard about places where people are starving to death. In face of all this misery, I appeal to the regular religious worshipers to ask their God, how he or she would really like to be worshiped?
Later this morning I was fortunate enough to have been invited to a temple for a significant birthday celebration, followed by a feast and milling together. The temple is a magnificent multimillion dollar building. It has several deities. We prayed each one of them. There were appeals for generous donations all over the place.

Just for a validation of my feelings, at the temple, I quietly asked a couple of fellows what they thought of basic everyday challenges around the world. Needless to say it was inappropriate to be asking such a question on pious occasion. I received the expected responses and looks. This is fairly common scenario.

I was depressed to see how terribly I was connecting at the temple. I wondered how often do we worship God just for appeasement and limited self interests? If only we could ask our respected God, how he or she would really us to conduct ourselves?

While driving back home, I reflected upon how our elected leaders are making a career in trying to convince which party has a superior ideology. Most of the time it seems it is more important for the politicians to find a solution that is consistent with their ideology, regardless of any serious consideration for how many of their people would suffer an irreparable damage in the mean time. I am sure the same politicians would not want a team of their surgeons to operate on them that way. I urge our politicians to check, what the God of their faith would say?

By now are you thinking that, I am trying to give an impression that, our organized ways of practicing religion are not socially as helpful in any religion? If so, you are correct. There indeed are ways that are much better. As an example, I was steered by Mrs. Meena Singh of Tennessee to a website that points to one effective system for worshiping God. It is seen at the Sandipani Muni School. Because of this form of worship, with a food for life program, our potential flag bearers that are hidden within the underprivileged children throughout the world need not suffer.

Just allow yourself to worship God directly through organizations like the Sandipani Muni School, with the Food For Life program . Here is short YouTube video clip. It shows one example of an effective worshiping process rather well; simple for high return on donations.

Now, for my sanity, as I do so often, I decided to check with my late father. Here is what his wisdom suggested. You live in a world that is like vast ocean. It is constantly subjected to all kinds of dynamic forces. The surface waves and storms are unavoidable. Of course you can learn to navigate your way. This learning can be facilitated by regular dives deeper into the ocean where there is order, peace, and tranquility. This is all part of Self Growth; the ‘dives’ in real life is mediation.


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