Continuous Self-Renewal Is Living

In a recent blog, ‘Living or dead’, a point of view was promoted. It asserted that to a greater or lesser extent everyone has life. A good question is, does everyone who has life really ‘living’? Most children can be said to be living, while the most grown-up can be said as dying. What is the difference and why is this philosophical thinking important in everyday life? What do our scripture have to say about this?

While the children are too involved in living their present moments, it seems greater than 99.9% people are too busy to conform to their social norms to entertain and keep on passing away without even feeling so. In a body centered thinking the clearly visible difference between the children and adults has to do with who is renewing brain & body cells more efficiently.

As our bodies age, the process of shedding older cells and generating newer one’s becomes less and less efficient. Of course, the process can be decelerated via regular meditative practices and that is real stretch for most people. The renewal of cells has to be a continuous process to be really living.

The renewal process is perhaps more meaningful in the higher than physical body energy dimensions of human self. It may also be simpler as we transcend into non-physical layers of human consciousness. As a matter of facts, it needs to be initiated in our mental and pranic layers under the guidance of our ‘intention’ that is an expression of our spiritual layers that can be accessed only via meditative processes.

Only to the extent we are able to renew ourselves from moment to moment we can guarantee that we are really living. I think it hold true even after our physical death. The renewal must include the entire human self; physical, spiritual, and in-between.

The way to tell whether or not one is undergoing self-renewal is by external behavior, and intuitive feeling which can be monitored only by those who are consciously alert. A naturally good and harmonious feeling is a positive indication of efficient energy flow consistent with self-renewal. Normally, it results in constructive behavior taking us towards ‘oneness’, which is congruent with ultimate form of Universal Energy; Sat-Chit-Anand.

With renewal our juices are flow freely and, in a harmonious frame of mind, we are able to make our best decisions for social as well as business purposes. This is a highly practical reason for continuous renewal of body, mind, and soul. No wonder those who want to be materially super successful are in the fastest growing segment of developed societies that pursuing yoga and meditative processes. …..MORE

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