Beyond “Yoga” To Real Yoga For Self Growth

In spite of all kinds of health care devices and programs, ‘Yoga’ has survived thousands of years. It came from India. Over the past four decades I have seen that ‘Yoga’ popularity has been going up exponentially. I am referring to the attention that ‘Yoga’ has been receiving in the United States and in the developed counties, so much so that more and more Indians have also begun making it a daily part life in a big way.  Now the time is right to go beyond, from ‘Yoga’ to yogic practices the way it began in prehistoric India.

All over the world most people know ‘Yoga’ as an effective set of stretching and breathing routines for maintenance of bodily flexibility and well being.  Actually, what has been popularized is a small yet highly significant subset of the much broader discipline of Yoga.  With ‘Yoga’ people have barely scratched the surface. Yet, not to be undermined, the fact remains that ‘Yoga’ is definitely very helpful, as a preparation, cleansing, and conditioning for higher level yogic experiences.

Strictly speaking it is mostly the breathing routines that are part of Yoga. The stretching exercises that are popularly practiced as ‘Yoga’ are designed to prepare the human body for better breathing, and, then involving in the real Yoga that involves a serious meditation. The word Yoga comes from Sanskrit. It literally means addition. I think of it as integration of all powers, senses, faculties, and actions, which is possible with meditation.

Meditation can be accomplished in many ways, and it can take several forms. In a way, those who deeply immerse themselves in their everyday duties also pass through meditative states. Contrary to an age old belief, to experience benefits of meditation one may not have to practice for years and years like the Rishi’s of India. Somewhere in these blogs I intend to talk about modern techniques that anyone can deploy to experience the potential of meditation.

Today there are several experts in the world making big claims and have at least some substance. I am approached by them every single day. Thanks to the social media. Just as an example, this morning I received an email inviting me to join in a tele-summit. The email said “Today at 5 pm Pacific Time, I am sharing how you can meditate like a master in 3 minutes and gain lasting benefits to support your purpose in life”; sounds good! Most ‘busy’ people would respond to such a message with a delete key. However, I know the sender to be a highly accomplished and genuine person and I will attend. Ask me, and I will share the name.

Just for completeness, I must say that while even a few minutes of regular meditation can bring about positive results it is not to be taken casually like during a TV commercial. I believe these quick meditation techniques can help quieten the brain function and be a desirable preparatory prelude to serious meditation sessions. For sustained life changing results length of duration in meditative states does play a role. It is known that the highly accomplished Yogi’s ultimately end up behaving in a way as though they are in a meditation (may be trance like, but not in a trance), even while doing worldly things. Such Yogi’s can induce an immeditative state in the seekers just by their presence. Now that is connectivity.

It is only through meditation and determined actions that one may promote highly desirable results as I saw in an email today, i.e., “Wake Up Tomorrow Inspired and Attract Way More Money, Love and Joy Into Your Life!”.  I have personally experienced such results.

An effective yogic practice would empower us to better link with one another as well as our environment. Wouldn’t that be powerful? Only then we would receive a fuller advantage of our technological advances as well, without unduly fearing an all out destruction by wrong hands.

Much beyond that, I am sure, that Meditation can usher self growth at mental and supra-mental levels, so much so that one has the potential of becoming an efficient conduit of Universal Energy.  Many would say it is experiencing God or state of Nirvana. We may connect in later blogs for more, including the why’s and how’s for those dominated by left hemisphere vision of life.


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