Are You Successful?
(Based upon the book “Success Is Natural” authored by Rohit Chauhan)

Whether or not you are successful, can be an easy question to answer. If you say ‘Yes’, you will be obviously right because that is so in your mind. By the same reasoning, you cannot be wrong with any other answer. At any given moment, you are fully, partially, or simply not successful in your own mind whose job is to make you correct at that particular moment – always. I know, you are saying, not so simple.

Merriam Webster dictionary defines successful as a person “having the correct or desired result”, usually “having gotten or achieved wealth, respect, or fame”. However look at the real world, within one’s self. You may have accomplished your goals, right or wrong, and may or may not feel successful, depending upon the yardstick. Perhaps this is a source of much discontent around the world.

In my thinking, success is simply a mindset that propels you to take the next step enthusiastically. I like to measure success by how I feel during my next step. Next time just check how enthusiastic are you about what you are doing or not doing. If enthusiastic, you will be confident of the outcome. It is so easy to determine whether or not you are a success at the given moment.

I hear that success can never be guaranteed. My view is, Success doesn’t need to be guaranteed. With a successful next move, failure simply cannot exist.  I believe success is always yours. If it doesn’t make sense to you, it is not your fault. Like most people, your measures come from the people and media that you trust. This is how, I believe, you have been socially programmed. Just for now, can you entertain a possibility? What if this fresh look at success could work for you? Wouldn’t you like more of your next moves to be successful?

Imagine, how much more effective you would be? What great things you would accomplish, if you knew you couldn’t fail – naturally?

Now, what others would think about you is another story. Whatsoever they may think or do would be correct for them at that time. All this may be confusing, particularly when conflicting with your values? This confusion could be a good thing at this stage. It is a sign that your brain is open to rewiring itself, by forming new neural networks. Just allow it happen.

Keep going. For now, it is sufficient to recognize that deep down you are a very powerful person who would do only what is ‘right’ by your internal self at any given time. Of course, you may not be achieving the results that say you want and that is where the book “Success Is Natural”  would help.

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