Most people have been brainwashedMeditation Mudra to believe that meditation is a strict discipline meant for those desirous of acquiring supernatural. While this may be true, it is not the whole truth. From personal experiences I can attest to the fact that for meditation it is not even necessary sit cross legged or in a lotus position.

There are hundreds of thousand people who are practicing meditation simply sitting in chair, with excellent benefits in normal daily lives. Of course superior results are possible by following strict Yoga disciplines. our emphasis here is on practical aspects of meditation that everyone can practice for enriching their worldly live. Some of the major benefits experienced are:

  • Stress Reduction,
  • Surge in relaxed energy,
  • Positive thoughts,
  • Increased confidence and focus,
  • Mental peace plus desire to accomplish more & better results.

All healthy babies begin their life journey fully equipped with ability to meditation. During the process of wrong up in our ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ society, practically all meditational attributes are lost. The good news is they can be easily regained by following simple practices regularly.

Rhythmic breathing is the very first requirement for meditation – deeper the better. Whenever you can be aware of your breath going in deep up to your stomach diaphragm you are receiving the initial benefits of meditation. Do it regularly and watch the changes for the better within you, beginning right from Day 1. It is that simple.

Certain systems of meditation that are almost completely passive, like ‘Zen-12’, have also produced excellent results. Beware, with ‘Zen-12’ you may end up wanting more. Of course, believe in yourself, that would a very good sign.

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